A Little About Our Organization

Jackson Browne, beloved dog of Patty Giarrusso

Lost Pet Services, Inc.

Lost Pet Services actually began as a Facebook group, Lost and Found Pets 941 (Lost Pet Services), when its Founder, Patty Giarrusso, lost her two dogs, Jackson Browne and Rocko.  Thankfully, they were found safe and she then embarked on a mission. That mission has led to this organization being the largest, most active lost and found organization in Manatee and Sarasota Counties area covering Sarasota, Bradenton, Palmetto, Parrish, Ellenton, Venice, Northport, Myakka and areas beyond. The group reached over 40,500 members in March 2022 and grows by 100s of new members every month.  They have successfully reunited 1,000s of local pets with their owners.

Patty, together with her team, works around the clock helping people all over the community reunite with their pets. 

Patty Giarrusso founder_edited
Patty Giarrusso founder_edited
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Terry Creamer admin_edited
Terry Creamer admin_edited
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The board members of Lost Pet Services, Inc., are from left to right, Patty Giarrusso, President & Founder of the nonprofit organization and Facebook group; Terry Creamer, Jenifer Funk and Jim Giarrusso

The success of the group and the overwhelming number of pets who are lost and found led to the formation of Lost Pet Services, Inc. in 2017.  The long-term goal of Lost Pet Services is to help reduce the number of pets/strays brought into our overcrowded local shelters by offering free microchips and free ID tags,  medical funding for injured strays and owned pets if the case arises, support for those in the community having financial difficulties with shelter reclaim fees and educational resources and supplies throughout our community.  They started an adoption program in 2020 for pets whose owners were not found or for pets whose owners surrendered them.  All pets are completely vetted, microchipped and heartworm tested.  If they are heartworm positive, Lost Pet Services pays for their treatment. 

We work in conjunction with local animal shelters, police departments, veterinarian offices, and rescue groups to reunite lost pets and get them home safe with the main objective of keeping loved family pets out of our overcrowded shelters.


To date, Lost Pet Services has funded over $115,000 in medical help for strays and owned pets who were injured while they were lost and supplies for families and pets in need. 

We have also donated microchip scanners to our local police, fire departments and volunteers who help in their community.


Patty lost Jackson late in 2016 to old age and Rocko in December 2017 to cancer.  She honors their memory here and in her logo.

Jackson Browne & Rocko - to whom this site is dedicated.

Our Goals


Lost Pet Services, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  


Our goal is to help reduce the number of found pets/strays brought into our overcrowded local shelters.


To accomplish this we offer free microchips and free ID tags as well as free microchips to reunited pets at local shelters,  medical funding for injured strays on a case-by-case basis and we help owners who are financially struggling with shelter fees and medical costs.




We have reunited 1,000s of lost pets with their owners through our Facebook group

Lost and Found Pets 941 (Lost Pet Services)

With your generous support, we can continue to help more lost pets by offering additional services.  

Donating is more than just time or money, it's the peace of mind knowing you're helping lost pets find their way home.  Our group makes "home safe" happen. 


All donations are tax deductible.