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Best Animal Nonprofit - Gold Award - Lost Pet Services, Inc.

We want to thank everyone who voted for us and made this happen.  We are thankful to be a part of this wonderful community and we could not do what we do without our dedicated board members, group administrators and moderators, volunteers, and supporters.

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“That’s the goal: to be the one place people can go to, so that no pets fall through the cracks.”

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Your Observer by Jay Heater - Managing Editor


Spanky, an eight-year-old shih tzu mix, finally back home after missing six years thanks to having a microchip that was kept up to date.

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SRQ Magazine - By:  Brittany Mattie


After missing for almost six years, Spanky was finally reunited with his family thanks to having an updated microchip.


On June 8, local nonprofit organization, Lost Pet Services, Inc. received a report of a found dog. The team sent out a volunteer with a microchip scanner to see if they could identify him. Thankfully, Spanky had a chip that still had updated owner information inscribed. 


Fox 8 News by CNN Newswire


“Everybody will say when a cat’s long lost, well it couldn’t be that far away, but he obviously was found in Ohio probably by someone who moved here. He somehow got away from those people and was found again by someone else as a stray. She kept him for a few weeks as far as I know,” said Patty Giarrusso, president and founder of Lost Pet Services.

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on SNNTV by Jenna Brew

"These tough Brooklyn brothers with a soft spot for animals team up with Lost Pet Services for a retro way to spread the word."

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on Spectrum Bay News 9

Lost Pet Services | Lost and Found Pets 941 is using old campaign signs and other old signs as highly visible intersection signs to help get the word out about lost pets in their area.

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Tampa Bay Newswire - 3/14/2018

Read the article here in Tampa Bay Newswire

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Tampa Bay Newswire - 1/2/2018

Lost Pet Services, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets in Manatee and Sarasota counties, successfully reunited over 1,800 lost pets with their owners during 2017. Lost Pet Services operates through its Facebook group, Lost and Found Pets 941 and its website. Beginning in 2013, the organization has reunited thousands of local pets with their families.

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ABC Action News - WFTS - Tampa Bay with Julie Salamone


We generally like to share our happy stories but sometimes we learn through the sad ones. This is one of those.  It is our hope awareness will help save more pets in the future. 

Phillip Sherry's dog, Maple, got spooked by fireworks and went missing. Sadly, she was hit and killed by car. Lost Pet Services, Inc. wants everyone to understand that fireworks are terrifying for not only dogs but also veterans suffering from PTSD.


ABC Action News - WFTS - Tampa Bay with Julie Salamone

A missing cat will be reunited with his family from Ohio after missing for more than five years.  Jericho Blu was found 1400  miles from home five years after he went missing thanks to a microchip.  Although the chip information needed a little researching, Lost Pet Services located the family and made arrangements for its return. 


SNN News - Jenna Brew


If Spanky could speak, he would likely tell of some serious adventures he may have encountered over the last six years. 


After disappearing almost six years ago, Spanky is back home with his family thanks to an updated microchip.

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on ABC Action News - WFTS - Tampa Bay with Julie Salamone

Bradenton pizza shop, Brancato's Brick Oven Pizza, helps Lost Pet Services spread by word about lost by by letting pet owners post their pet's flyers on pizza boxes.  

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on News Channel 8

Lost Pet Services was so thankful to be able to share the wonderful news that Jerry was found and returned home safe after missing 467 days right in time for Christmas after going missing during Hurricane Irma.

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Let's Talk Pets with

Patty Giarrusso

on Society Bytes Radio

People love their pets and want to keep them safe. Sometimes they need help.  That's what we're here for.


Patty Giarrusso, President of Lost Pet Services, Inc hosts a weekly radio podcast.   Let's Talk Pet combines educational resources and feel-good stories each week with the main focus on lost pet recovery, pet retention, safety, health and training.  Featuring dog, cat and wildlife experts weekly.

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Suncoast Pet Magazine - March 2017

Read about how Lost and Found Pets 941 and Lost Pet Services came to be in the March 2017 Edition of Suncoast Pet Magazine

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SNN Feel Good Friday - March 31, 2017

Watch  SNN's Feel Good Friday segment about Lost Pet Services, Inc. which aired 3-31-17

Sarasota Dog Magazine offers dog news for the Sarasota area and beyond.


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