Instructions, Tips & Graphics

Below are the instructions in order for new posts.


  1. Check their profile.  If they are from a foreign country with language other than English - most likely a scammer.  If their FB profile looks legit, they can be approved.

  2. Many times people are from different states.  That is OK.  We have many vacationers and visitors, so approve them.

  3. If you have any questions, tag Patty in the moderator group to check them out.  

  4. Never delete and block them.  You can DECLINE them, but don't ever block them without asking first. 

approving members screenshot.JPG
  1. Quickly check the info provided.

  2. Click on down arrow and then View Profile.

  3. As long as the profile looks legitimate, approve them.

  4. Any questions about it, please ask. 

  5. Never delete or block a member if you have any questions.

We have had profiles with no information, but the person still had a lost of found pet, so we have to be super careful about not approving people.  


1.  Add first blurb:

Please take a moment to complete this Lost/Found Pet Report ASAP. 

➡ This is how we create the free flyer we circulate to help get the pet Home Safe. 
➡  If you cannot upload the picture, just submit the form and we will do the picture.

IN CASE FLYERS ARE DELAYED, PLEASE be sure your post contains:
➡ NEAREST CROSS STREET: lost or found

➡  If your pet is microchipped, contact the chip company immediately to confirm it is properly registered and report your pet missing.

2.  Keep the blurbs somewhere on your devices where you can copy and paste them easily.  If you ever forget where to find them, they are in the ANNOUNCEMENT / PINNED post on the 941 Moderator group.