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#BeTheOne ~ Be Their Hero

You can help make a difference in a pet's life. 

Throughout the year Lost Pet Services (LPS) is faced with medical emergencies for lost and found pets.  Since 2018, Lost Pet Services funded over $120,000 in medical care for injured strays whose owners were never found and for owned pets who were injured while they were lost.

Most of these pets were hit by cars while they were running scared.  Many needed surgery that their owners were unable to afford and would have had to make the heartbreaking decision to either surrender to the county to receive care or put them to sleep.

Thanks to their Heroes . . .

Lost Pet Services was able to help over 200 pets since our last Giving Challenge, many with owners and families who would have otherwise had to make a heartbreaking decision if help wasn't available.    


Thanks to the continued support of our community made possible through generous donations during the Giving Challenges and throughout the following year, LPS was able to keep these pets and their families together. For those whose owners were never found, LPS was able to treat the injured and sick and help them find new, loving homes.

Our Medical / Pet Assistance Program (Marmalade's Fund) allows us to continue to help these pets.  

We hope you will support us this year on April 26 - 27 from noon to noon, so we can continue to offer this much-needed program for the strays without families and those pet owners needing our help. 

Read Faith's Story

Faith - Before
Faith - Before
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Faith - Bladder Stone
Faith - Bladder Stone
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Faith - After
Faith - After
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Faith is just one of the many strays we have helped.  She was found in terrible condition.  She was terribly matted, full of fleas and urinating blood.  She was immediately brought to the vet by one of our fosters and diagnosed with a bladder stone the size of an egg.  She received surgery even though she was a stray without a known owner.  Faith's owner was never found, but she was adopted by an amazing family after receiving surgery and recovering.  She is just one of the lucky ones. 


You can be their hero and help more strays like Faith

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What other services does Lost Pet Services offer?


Our mission of reuniting lost pets helps keep hundreds of strays/lost pets out of the overcrowded shelters and home safe with their families.  Our goal is to make sure every lost pet makes it home safe.  Your donation will help us continue doing what we do best - reuniting lost pets.    We want every lost pet to be Reunited & Home Safe the same day.


During 2021, we have reunited over 2,900 pets with their owners.  To date, we have helped reunited over 10,000 pets.  Our organization reunites 100s of pets every month.  All services are free of charge. 

In addition to the medical funding Lost Pet Services provides the following services:


  • Lost Pet Services offers free microchips with free lifetime registration at the Humane Society of Manatee County and the Animal Rescue Coalition in Sarasota through our voucher/coupon program.  

  • Lost Pet Services donates microchip scanners to first responders and local volunteers to scan pets in the field when they are found.  

  • Lost Pet Services offers free ID tags at special events and through an online form here on our website.  The free tags are mailed via first-class mail to the pet owners.

  • Lost Pet Services pays reclaim fees at the local shelters for owners struggling with these high-cost fees to keep loved pets and their families together. 

  • Lost Pet Services pays for spaying and neutering and vaccinations on a case-by-case basis if a family is unable to afford these basic services, as well as for strays who are adopted when owners are not found.   

  • Lost Pet Services provides collars, leashes, food, kitty litter, dog crates -- whatever a family may need for their pet if the need arises.

  • Lost Pet Services will create and pay for lost pet flyers if a member does not have a printer or a means of making or paying for them. 



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