Ragdoll Cat
Feeding Guinea Pig
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Found dogs are posted by size and breed.

Cats are posted according to color.

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Go to our Lost / Found Pet Form .   By submitting this form, you are giving consent for Lost Pet Services, Inc. to post the information you include (your phone number and email address) on Lost and Found Pets 941 (Lost Pet Services)  Facebook page. This will help facilitate the possible reunion of a lost pet with their owner plus it will generate a free flyer for you to share.




If you are having trouble uploading the found pet's photo on the form, please forward to Help@941LostPets.com.  


A good picture, preferably a full body picture of the pet is important for our posts on flyers and our Facebook group page.


Lost Pet Services, Inc. of Manatee and Sarasota Counties is a highly dedicated group of volunteers that reunites lost pets through its Facebook group and other social media.  All our services are free of charge.  


LOST PET PHOTOS ARE POSTED TO OUR FACEBOOK AND ON OUR WEBSITE, Twitter, Pinterest and Craigslist as a service to locate and reunite lost pets. Please be informed that by posting to Lost Pet Services, Inc. website or Facebook page and/or requesting that a message regarding your missing pet or a pet you have found be posted, you are giving your consent to make certain private information available for public viewing and hold harmless Lost and Found Pets 941 (Lost Pet Services)  and Lost Pet Services, Inc.  This would include name, phone number, picture and/or email address. Please be advised that Lost Pet Services, Inc. through their Facebook group,  Lost and Found Pets 941  (Lost Pet Services)  is requesting this information, not Facebook, in order to facilitate the recovery of your missing pet by communicating your contact information to our Facebook page or website.  Lost Pet Services, Inc. is not a rescue and does not have an ownership interest in any of the pets we assist. If you help with placement, transport or foster of any of the pets posted in the page, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Lost Pets Inc., and its officers and directors of and from any liability, expenses, fines, or damages incurred as a result of any of your participation in any of the foregoing activities.