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Happy Tails &
Special Thanks


"Thank you for quickly doing this.  With the help of the tips from the action plan for lost dogs from your website, I had someone message me from the website!! So grateful there are people like you all in this world !!"

- Elora Voss



"This woman next to me is an Angel sent from heaven above. She found Chewy last Sunday. She took care of Chewy until we got reunited. I want to say thank you to this amazing woman for not only taking care of c\Chewy but for being such an amazing kind-hearted person. She has no idea how she helped me.  Words could never express the gratitude that I have. Thank you to everyone who helped me keep the faith and who also shared his photo on Facebook. I am shocked and at peace at the same time."

- Dacota J. 



"Our family would like to thank everyone for their support for helping us find our dog Cruz. He is now home safe and sound! We are truly thankful!!!"

- April Crawford

April Crawford CRuz_edited.jpg


"Milo has been found. He is home! Thank you guys so much for your thoughts and well wishes! This crazy cat walked almost 3mi in the rain! She took him to the vet (just happened to be OUR vet) and they knew right away it was Milo. They scanned his microchip to verify. Definitely chip your animals!! Thanks Braden River Animal Hospital and to Jane for taking care of our little man!!!"

- Laura Trueblook




She was out all night, and some folks three streets over tried to catch her and she ran into a garage... so the nice garage folks gave her a dish of water and some blanket and called up animal control. She just couldn't find her way home. We have her home now and we are all very happy to have her back. THANK YOU AGAIN PEEPS!"  

- Ryan Hite

2922 fLUFFMODEUS home safe_edited.jpg


Home Safe after missing 121 days!


"Thanks so much to everyone who helped me by sharing my post and keeping his name and face out there. People called all the time enquiring about Bagheera. I always felt like people really cared and were really keeping an eye out for him."

- Coleen Sherwood

6686 bagheera lost cat.JPG


"I want to thank everyone involved in this page for the way you show love. You care so deeply for animals in a way that it’s truly remarkable.
#ThankYou #LostAndFoundPets941"

- Johanna Eccles (finder of Evie)

7828 found.JPG


"This is just a great reminder to never give up hope, because I really was at that point.  We are beyond happy and so grateful for all the help/caring of so many.   We shall for sure be giving back"

- Moosie Barrett

Zoe - Moosie Barrett_edited.jpg


"SHES HOME AND SAFE!  Thank you, thank you  thank you! "

- Courtney  McCalden

Joey - Hannah.JPG



There are no words to express how thankful I am for each and every person that has helped share and prayed for his safe return! God is good and he heard us."

Melissa Mikey Howes

Crimson - lost dog - Melissa Mikey Howes


Home safe after missing more than 30 days!

"Reunited and it feels so good"

Kaitlyn Glover

Milly - Kaitlyn Glover home safe.JPG


"Thank you to EVERYONE on this page and beyond so much for all of your support, shares, likes, and searches. It all matters!


People matter and our best friends depend on it!  Words can't describe how thankful we both are that she is home safe and resting now. God bless."

Emily Meyer

Dover home safe Emily Meyer.JPG


" home safe with his family!! A very nice lady knocked on our door, said she lost her dog, the little guy saw her and jumped into her arms like Dino from the Flintstones!!! Lol!!! So glad they are all reunited!! Thank you, Katrina A Cash, Patty Dillon Giarrusso, Shanna Lynn and, of course, Bishop Animal Shelter for all the help!!!!"

Bill Cannady

Paco PeeWee home safe 2-25-17.JPG


"I want to thank you for all of your support both emotional and otherwise, you are the best!"."

- Deb

1470 Radar Lost dog cairn terrier 34243.


"I am so very grateful for all the wonderful people who helped bring Tum Tum back to us, he is happily purring and getting tons of love!"

Vanessa Rene 

tum t um.JPG


"Patty Dillon Giarrusso, Terry Creamer, thank so much for this organized operation you guys are running through this group!! Nacho was found because of someone sharing the flyer generated through the site you provided. And last but not least, thank you to all the group members for sharing!! 😙 On a side note, Nacho will be microchipped immediately!!"

Maribel Francisco 

1499 home safe nacho.JPG


The dog was found by a neighbor and I just brought her home!! Life is great and the family is THRILLED to say the least!!

Thanks for all your help!!"

- Martin  Hafer

Karen Barrett Hafer Martin Hafer home sa


"YES YES YES!!! Thank you Patty Dillon Giarrusso OMG! Thank you!"

- Joyce Lewis

bear home safe joyce lewis.jpg


"Terry Creamer ...and just sidenote... you are amazing for doing what you do to reunite these precious animals..❤❤

- Colleen Dibble (finder of Pee Wee)

colleen dibble finder of pee wee.jpg


"You guys!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!! He is home safe!!!!!! You all are amazing!!!!! Thanks so much to Darlene and her husband for keeping him safe!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Amber Birchard

Amber Birchard Lucifer.jpg


"Patty Dillon Giarrusso, I am beyond relieved, we were worrying about her all day. I am beyond amazed at the love and support of this group to help animals and help reunite them with their families. Thank you to everyone for helping!!"

- Natasha Allan (finder of Mickey)

Red dog day 2.jpg


"thank you all so much. This is been the most amazing experienceS of my life. I never ever knew that I had this kind of support. And I’m in shock that so many people were here to help! Thank you all so much I am forever in-debt."

- Angela Tevenal

Angela tevenal_edited.jpg


" Special thank you to this site.  I found a little guy about 10 am in obvious distress, posted some flyers, and on Nextdoor app.

Didn't dawn on me to search specific 'lost pets' pages on FB, and someone on Nextdoor led me here.  It couldn't have been more than 10 minutess after I posted here that I was in contact with the owner, and the family is reunited.

You guys are GREAT, and I'm going to get the word out here as often as I can.  


Trooper McGruff, I salute you sir!!"

- Patton Gibson

lisa guillen.jpg


"Thank you ALL! She is home! I seriously cannot thank you all enough!​"  

- Callie Gilbert

2783 Kimber home safe_edited.jpg


"Coco is home!!! He was found on by a man named Bryan. I can't thank him enough for bringing our baby boy home. Thank you to everyone who helped us and made it possible to bring Coco home.  My neighbors, people I didn't even know reached out and spent hours looking. I've never been more proud to be a part of this community as I am now. Thank you all again for all your help and support. Our family is now complete again."

- Jessica G.



"Now that she's home and I have been able to relax and process everything I want to give a proper thank you to everyone.

The outpouring of people not only concerned and sending prayers but willing to take their time and resources to help someone they've never met get their dog back was something amazing to see. It reminds me how much good can be in our world.

The friends and family that put their lives on hold to be there for me and to look and help in bringing her home was humbling.

I will never be able to thank all of you enough for what you have done for me. Not only is that dog my heart and my best friend but while I'm going through things she's literally my rock and I need her more than she will ever need me. So you all brought home my best friend, heart, and rock and I owe you the world.  Princess thanks you too!!!!"

- UniKhorn Vetter



"We are so happy to announce that Bingo is home safe and it was with the members of this amazing community we were able to help reunite Bingo with his family."

- Victoria Cern & Lisa Zalewski



"I am overjoyed!! My cat Princess returned home today, 10 days after slipping out the door. She is thinner but fine. Although she returned on her own, I want to thank this group and its members for your help whether you offered advice, kept an eye out for her, shared my post, prayed, or wished her home. Thank you for your help."

- Jackie LaBarge

princess kabarge_edited.jpg


"You provide the most well-coordinated, highly-networked, expert, empathetic, and diligent service I've ever encountered. Thank you with all my heart."  

- Marcia Wisehoon

1386 Onyxander lost cat black.jpg


"I'm so thankful for this website.   I found my baby girl, Lola, Thank you everyone who looked and helped find her. She's my world. Thank you!!"

- Madison Walker

995 found dog tan pit Rachel Lemley.JPG


"Izzy is home safe with a fresh bath . It has been a long tough week . I couldn't image what he has been through . I am so thankful that he is alright and I also want to thank everyone that helped find our Izzy.


Patty Giarrusso and Terry Creamer, thank you so much for everything you have done to get Izzy home.  If it wasn't for this facebook page he would still probably be gone . Most importantly, thank you to Jennifer Hare for reaching out to facebook to find his home . Thank you all so much."

- Britnay Kay Jordan

Izzy Britnzy Kay.JPG


"Blue has been found.  He is back home, and we are very thankful for everyone in trying to get him home safely!! He was taken in by a wonderful and loving family; fed, bathed, and spoiled!


He got out of the gate during the thunderstorm the other night, and got turned around. Thank you so much for all of your help!! We appreciate everyone who helped in getting him back home to us!!"

Sheri Spencer

Blue home safe Sheri Spencer catahoula.J


"We are so appreciative for all the help we received. Thank you all."

Jan Brown

1327 Pie lost cat black.JPG


Home safe after 45 days missing!

"To all the missing/found/lost pet people out there, we want to thank you for your help and networking.


Feenix showed up at a neighbors house this morning badly hurt and very weak. They took her to Brite Cross animal clinic where they treated her for just the cost of the meds. So amazing!  She's been gone since Oct 28th!


Thank you all for what you do!!​"

Edward Haase

Feenix - lost cat - Tina Haase - tortois


"Thank you soooo much Maria Serpa-Otero and everyone who shared the post. I can't even begin to express how happy we are to have him back."

Carolena Taylor 

1421 Tonka Home Safe.JPG


"THE FLYERS WORKED........ Marvin is home!!!   I can't thank you enough for all that you did."

- Miranda

1509 Marvin lost chihuahua.JPG


"My baby has been FOUND!!!! Thank you guys for all your help!! He is so, so scared, but we can get over the scared. I'm just grateful my baby is home safe! What a great way to meet the neighbors.  I'm sure I'm deemed the crazy lady now. 🤣😉

- Nicole Krantz

Nicole Krantz_edited.jpg


"Hi everyone, a lady came forward to meet the kitty and confirmed it was him. He got out 6 months ago and he lived just down the road from where he got lost. His name is Tiger and he is 15 years old. The lady confirmed it was him with photos and we got upclose photos of his nose with the unique freckles/smudge that were a match. Thank you all so much for sharing, a friend of Tigers owner sent a screenshot of this FB post to her, which got him home. So thank you!"

- Michelle

5050 found cat.JPG


"Thank you Lost and Found Pets 941 (Lost Pet Services)!! We would have never found her without that quick flyer you provided!! Forever grateful!! 🐾💕🐾💕🐾"

- Michael K

7628 maggie jo.JPG


"Thanks so much for all the help. Would have been lost without your guidance."

- Ryan Carter

8977 home safe.jpg


The dog was found by a neighbor and I just brought her home!! Life is great and the family is THRILLED to say the least!!  Thanks for all your help!!"

- Krystle Anderson

Krystal Anderson.jpg


"First, I want to say that my daughter, Rhiannon, let me know that she did find the owners of the little labradoodle. I don’t know the details or even his name. What I did learn though is what an amazing, heartwarming, and loving group this is. In less than 10 minutes, I was contacted about what to do and how to do it. I found a dog and was nervous. I can only imagine losing one. Seeing so many happy endings is unreal. It’s obvious just how much time and energy it takes. Thank you for the comfort you give to those when they need you most! And for not giving up!"

-Tammy Renee Griffith  

Tammy Renee Griffith hs_edited.jpg


"Thanks for your help in finding Iggy yesterday. He’s home safe and sound. Appreciate all that you do."

- Karen Green

8706 iggy.JPG

Group Thank You's

"Thank you all for being there when our pets are lost and when we find someone’s dog or cat. 🐶😺 Just know, you are appreciated." 

Annie Skerchek


"I ditto everything Tammy Renee Griffith wrote! I'm amazed and thankful for all the great work you guys do! But on the flip side of this, I'm always puzzled as to how and why so many pets are lost in the first place."

Marsha Tenret

"I am so Happy to be a part of this wonderful group....and to Patty for all she does. There are not enough Thank yous!!!!"

Christine Brock

"Happy Thanksgiving. Patty Dillon Giarrusso, thanks for all you do and for everyone on this group who helps reunite pets - especially for all who have helped me with the Comet search!"

Laura Liddell

"You are a wonderful organization and do amazing work. I share your posts and hope that in some small away I am helping to reunite these lost babies to their owners or new homes."

Beverly Russin

"Yes it is a wonderful group and the admins are amazing. People helping people do real good in the community."

Roy Brock

" I can’t think of a more dedicated group"

Jean Nieto

"Thank you all so much for the great work that you do ❤️❤️❤️ I always try to share your posts."

Laura Putnam

"Thank you for all the countless hours you put into helping lost animals be reunited or find new homes. Have a wonderful Sunday!  Just wanted you to know you're very appreciated by this community!!!!"

Shellie Burney Szeezil

"Hi everyone, I think it is astonishing how many animals you have helped to be reunited with their families, we can all make a difference in this world and this group surely does. I am uplifted to see how many animals are found and I hope and pray my cat Mollie is going to be amongst those who come home, thank you for all you do."

Valerie Tyler Fay



"Thank you ladies, your hard work and dedication has helped many lost furkids find their way back home."

Janice Fox


"You are all awesome and I thank you for the service you do. I pray I never have to post any of my babies here because they are missing. I repost everything I see from here because you never know who might have some information"

Helene Bennett Little





We'd Love To Hear From You:  

If we have helped you find your pet or helped you reunite a found pet with their owner, we'd love to hear your story.  Click the red button to tell us.

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