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Medical Assistance Program

Our program assures that a medical crisis will not result in the surrender or unnecessary euthanasia of a beloved pet due to financial reasons. 

We facilitate both emergency and trauma cases as well as basic, non-emergency or routine vet care for owners unable to afford such services. 

Some of the pets we have helped can be viewed on the Recipients of Giving page.

Since 2018, we have funded over $200,000 in medical care and have helped 100's of pets and families in need.  

We depend on the generosity of those who support us.

We are also thankful to be recipients of several animal welfare grants. 

Donations make it possible for us to do this life-saving work. 

All donations are tax-deductible and 100% goes directly to the pets in need.  

Medical Emergency/Traumas

Pets requiring emergency surgeries due to accidents while lost are common.  Broken leg surgeries are very common in these cases.


Many senior pets are in need of dentals and extractions.  Pets suffering from infections and abscesses can be helped.


Many local Humane Societies offer grants for this service.  We provide this service if not available and to all found strays who are eventually adopted.

Bladder/Kidney Stone

We have helped many pets faced with bladder stone surgeries.  Bladder and kidney stones are common in certain breeds.


When a pet eats a foreign body, surgery is required.  Our program has helped many pets in this emergency situation. 

Routine Services

We provide vaccinations, heartworm and fecal testing, microchipping and other routine services when owners are unable to afford such services.

Requests require an application and review before a determination can be made.

Medical Request Form 2023

Needs are determined on a case-by-case basis.  


All pets receiving assistance must be spayed or neutered or consent to have this procedure done.  No exceptions, unless deemed medically dangerous by veterinarian.

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