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Diamond's Life was Ruff


A pitbull named Diamond, escaped from the yard one dayand was posted on our Facebook group as a lost dog. Sadly, she was hit by a truck shortly after she escaped. The man who hit her did what most people do not and turned around and stayed by her side until Animal Services came. She was brought to Blue Pearl where her owner soon learned of her injuries. She suffered a torn ear, an ACL injury and an injured eye.

Because the family was no able to afford treatment, they took Diamond home and reached out online for help. Someone sent Patty the plea for help and Lost Pet Services jumped in to help save Diamond's leg. Diamond's family knew if they couldn't get help with the finances, they'd be forced to surrender her to the care of the county.

Diamond's owner took her home and kept her quiet while Lost Pet Services paid the Blue Pearl bill and got Diamond set up for surgery with our vet partner, Suncoast Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center.

After a successful surgery, Diamond is now healthy, happy and home and completely recovered from his injury. Diamond's family described her as a "beautiful, snuggly baby girl". We are glad we had the funding to help save Diamond and keep her with her family where she belongs.

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