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A Very Special Case


Lumi was a special case that Lost Pet Services took on under our Medical Assistance program. She was found and never claimed but had suffered severe neglect.
She required two major surgeries and during the second surgery had to give up one kidney due to the damage caused by chronic infections.

Thanks to our generous donors, Lost Pet Services was able to provide this little sweetheart the medical care she needed and deserved. After recovering from two major surgeries, losing one kidney and having a major congenital defect repaired, Lumi is no longer suffering.

We were so fortunate to find a family that understood her possible future medical needs and adopted her anyway.
We want to thank Suncoast Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center for their amazing care. Also, Kirsten Guerrero, her medical foster, and her fairy God Mother, Faith Peterson and also Sue Srock who dropped everything to run and pick her up when she was found in such critical condition. Helping pets like Lumi sometimes takes a village.

We are faced with cases like Lumi’s throughout the year that require major amounts of financial resources. But we feel these precious babies are worth saving. Please help us to save more sick and injured pets by donating today.

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