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Lost for 13 Days


Riley was reported to Lost Pet Services as a missing pet in August. For 13 long days he was on the run. A tiny little toy poodle, Riley was terrified has he continued to circle back and try to find his way back to his owner. His owner, Jennifer, was in town visiting a relative when Riley went missing.

With the help of a local pet recovery specialist, Lori Briggs, Lost Pet Services continued to monitor his whereabouts from sightings all over the 1 mile radius. Sadly, well-meaning people continued to chase after him and scare him further away. Trapping was unsuccessful because of this.

Finally, one morning, Riley turned up exhausted, dehydrated and completely matted with wounds and scrapes all over his body. Julie, the owner of the home where Riley was finally found, turned him over to an LPS volunteer who spent over 5 hours with him at our ER partner, Suncoast Emergency & Specialty Center.

Riley received sub-q fluids, antibiotics, blood work and had to have his hair shaved due to the amount of matting and sand spurs.

When Riley was found, his owner who had just returned to Illinois after having extended her intial stay, immediately returned driving straight through to Florida to get him.

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