Taco, Hit By Car and Left for Dead


Taco was minding his own business when a car went out of control right in front of his house and struck him. Taco was left in critical condition. It was touch-and-go for a week before he received life-saving surgery at Suncoast Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center.

Taco was lucky. After the excruciating decision was almost made to have him cross the bridge, he fought. Thankfully, with the care from Suncoast and the love of his family, Taco is well again.

His little human siblings and mom are rejoicing. Mom did absolutely everything to help save him but they needed some extra help. Lost Pet Services stepped in with additional funding for his veterinary care.

Too often a pet's fate can be determined by a temporary financial hardship instead of a prognosis. We never want to see that happen.