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Abandoned Bait Dog


Late one weekend evening, we received a report of a found dog in a very rural section of Parrish. Initially treated as any other found dog, further investigation revealed a shocking reality. The little female pitbull suffered bites and lacerations covering her face and body. She was also extremely emaciated.

Swift action was taken. Our dedicated volunteer, Rosemary, rushed to pick her up and transported her to the Veterinary Medical Center at LWR. Lost Pet Services' PAWs Project is covering her medical costs, but the costs of treatment required multiple nights of ER care, which is very expensive, as well as continued after care and follow-up visits. We thank our PAWs Partners who contributed to her ongoing care.

Winnie, as the ER staff named her, was terrified of the human touch and dogs barking. She received wound treatment, bloodwork, fluids, and slow feeding. Thankfully, she is heartworm negative. However, the ER staff discovered multiple slab fractures, requiring additional dental work, along with her obvious external wounds. She is in the hands of a wonderful medical foster while she recovers.

Even the simplest tasks can be monumental for a dog who has endured trauma and abuse. Winnie took a significant step forward by playing with a toy for the first time approximately one month after her rescue on February 25th. These small moments of progress mean the world to us and fill our hearts with hope.

We are truly grateful for the unwavering support from everyone who has stood by Winnie and our organization, as well as the Veterinary Medical Center at LWR for their continued care and Winnie's wonderful foster, Anaelle.

Your encouragement fuels our determination to help her heal and thrive. Together, we will make a difference in Winnie's life and show her the love and care she deserves.

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