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A special thank to those who generously donated to our microchip scanner fundraiser.


Our organization raised enough to purchase three scanners - one for the western Manatee  County, one for eastern Manatee County and one for Sarasota County.   One scanner was generously donated by one of our volunteers, Mary Lehman Palmer.


Read more about our future goals here .


How does a universal scanner help our organization?


Every found pet should be scanned to see if it has a microchip so it can be immediately reunited with its owner.


In an effort to improve the level of service that we provide to our members and pets of our community, Lost Pet Services, Inc., the nonprofit arm of our Facebook group Lost Found Pets 941 , would like to raise funds to purchase universal microchip scanners.


The scanners will be available for emergency and after-hours situations for found pets and recovery of deceased pets to return them to their owners.


The Proscan 700 pet microchip scanner works

with all microchips in the US.  The cost of this scanner through

AKC Reunite is $320.


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