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#BeTheOne ~ Give Hope, Save Lives

Updated: Apr 9

Throughout the year Lost Pet Services (LPS) is faced with many requests for assistance with veterinary funding for medical emergencies/critical injuries, pet illnesses and pet owners needing safety-net resources. Since 2018, Lost Pet Services has funded over $235,000 toward these needs, assisting pet owners facing financial hardships.

Many critical cases occur when lost pets are hit by cars while bolting. Critical ER cases, many requiring surgeries, are often out of the pet owner's financial means. Lost Pet Services is committed to preventing surrender or economic euthanasia by providing financial assistance to ensure companion pets live their fullest lives happy, healthy, and at home with those who love them.  

Thanks to their Heroes . . .

Lost Pet Services was able to help fund over 300 cases since the Giving Challenge of 2022, many with owners and families who would have otherwise had to make a heartbreaking decision to surrender or euthanize their pet.

Thanks to the continued support of our community, which was made possible through generous donations during the Giving Challenge 2022 and throughout the following year, LPS was able to keep these pets and those who love them together. For those whose owners were never found, LPS was able to treat the injured and sick and help them find new, loving homes.

As the ongoing Medical Assistance Program needs increase, our new PAWs Project - Partners for Animal Welfare, will expand access to critical veterinary medical funding assistance for pet owners in need and increase awareness of financial challenges those seeking medical help for their pets face. 

We hope you will support us during the #GivingChallenge2024 on April 9 - 10 from noon to noon so we can continue to offer this much-needed program for pet owners in need of assistance and the strays without families. #BeTheOne ~ Be Their Hero.

Read Little Bit's Story

A Triumph of Hope: Little Bit's Journey from Despair to Joy

Little Bit, a beloved 13-year-old Chihuahua, was one of the many pets who received medical funding from Lost Pet Services’ Medical Assistance Program.

Little Bit's owner, a veteran who had recently found VA housing after homelessness, believed his life was taking a turn for the better. Unfortunately, as he settled into his new home, he noticed Little Bit's health deteriorating rapidly. Little Bit was in severe pain, hunched over, and barely able to walk. She was rushed to our veterinary partner, Suncoast Emergency & Specialty Center, which revealed a life-threatening diagnosis: pyometra, a severe uterine infection, particularly common in unspayed chihuahuas and pit bulls.

Many of the pet owners seeking assistance are from referrals of previous recipients or from our vet partners. Fortunately, in Little Bit's case, a friend knew of our work and directed Little Bit's owner to contact us. We were able to cover the cost of Little Bit's vital surgery. The timing was crucial, as the infection had begun to turn septic, and another day could have been fatal.

However, Little Bit's journey to recovery wasn't over. Loren, Little Bit's owner, lacked a vehicle, relying on a limited veteran ride program for transportation to the ER and follow-up appointments. Even Uber rides were out of reach financially.

A short time after Little Bit's surgery, another member of the LPS community stepped forward, offering to donate a reliable car to Lost Pet Services. According to the car’s owner, "it ran great but was not-so-great-looking. This unexpected gift, facilitated by Lost Pet Services, was the missing piece of the puzzle. Since LPS did not need the vehicle, Patty suggested it be donated to the veteran. Loren could now take Little Bit to her appointments and ensure her continued recovery.

Little Bit's story is a testament to the power of compassion and collaboration. A loyal companion was given a second chance at life. Your support allows us to continue offering critical support to animals like Little Bit and their families, ensuring that financial limitations never stand in the way of receiving life-saving care.

Will you #BeTheOne to help more pets like Little Bit? 

Recipients of Giving

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The Giving Challenge is presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County with giving strengthened by The Patterson Foundation as well as support from Manatee Community Foundation, and the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation.

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