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Lost Pet Services' Story Featured in The Dodo

We were excited and very thankful to see Boey's story featured by The Dodo. Lost Pet Services, Inc., impactful work was just featured in an article on The Dodo, shedding light on our mission and the heartwarming stories that define our commitment to keeping pets and those who love them together.

Thanks to the efforts of our microchip scanning volunteer, Joann Pfender, who spotted

Boey on the Desoto lost pet group, the owner was contacted and quickly made his way to Palmetto Shelter to retrieve his beloved pet. Initially assumed to be dumped, it is more likely that someone found Boey in Zolfo and brought him to Manatee County, where he eventually escaped.

This dog had been found in Bradenton at the local Girl Scout Camp, brought to Lee County, and then returned to the Manatee County Animal Welfare's Bishop Shelter before being reunited with his owner due to Joann's efforts.

This serves as a reminder to never assume a dog was abandoned and to never give up hope in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

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