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Boyd's Cinderella Story


One day in a land not so far away, this little guy showed up on Fred’s doorstep. He was approx. 6 months old and wearing a blue collar. Yet no one claimed him. Fred gave him a loving home but at the time he was down on his luck. He didn’t want to send Boyd, as he called him, to the shelter but Fred needed our help. Lost Pet Services provided food, a bed, collar, leash, toys and other necessities so Boyd could stay with Fred.

Lost Pet Services paid for Boyd’s neuter surgery, heartworm testing (thank goodness HW neg), vaccinations and microchip. But soon Boyd developed terrible skin allergies. Again, LPS stepped in and helped Fred with Boyd’s veterinary funding for his treatments.

Boyd went on to become an absolutely beautiful boy and Fred paid it forward. Boyd won the HSMC biggest prize for donations raised as well as a major photoshoot. Fred donated some of his winnings back to LPS.

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