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Blind, Deaf, & Heartworm Positive


On January 1, 2021, this little guy was found. His owner was never came forward so a volunteer of Lost Pet Services went to pick him up thinking it was a temporary situation.

He was old and smelled bad. After posting many flyers all over the area, no one every came for him. Lisa started calling him Buddy. He fit right in with her cats and other creatures and quickly made him self at home.

Lost Pet Services set him up with a vet appointment with Dr. Huber of Hagan's Pet Resort. Sadly, it was discovered he was heartworm positive, had a mouth infection needing multiple teeth extractions, was deaf and almost blind and suffered from dry eye. Lost Pet Services provided all needed medical care.

Buddy living a wonderful life with Lisa for almost a year but sadly crossed the rainbow bridge at the end of December.

Lisa gave Buddy a wonderful life and he passed knowing how loved he was.

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