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Facial Abscess Requiring Surgery


Our vet partner, Loving Care Veterinary Hospital, reached out to us requesting help with a patient. A 5-year-old golden retriever named Fancy had come to them with a very swollen face. The family took care of the initial bill but needed further help.

The swelling continued and surgery was needed for an infected abscess. During surgery, Fancy had a large abscess removed from her face. The hospital sent the specimen in for pathology. Thankfully, it was not cancer. The surgical team was not sure of the cause.

Today Fancy is doing great. Her family says she is the sweetest tempered dog they've ever owned. Her family is very thankful for the help they received from Lost Pet Services.

Funding for this was made possible through our Medical Assistance Program for emergency, trauma and surgical cases from the grant from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County through their Animal Welfare Grant Program thanks to the Martha Leiter and Nancy Streetman Fund I and Robert Parker Fund.

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