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Saving A Senior


Veterinary Medical Center of LWR reached out to us for financial assistance for a cat in need of emergency surgery. The cat's owner was desperate to save Moonpie's life but was unable to afford the surgery necessary to save the cat's life.

Moonpie presented with a urinary obstruction and the inability to urinate due to numerous bladder stones. Following surgery, Moonpie was able to eat, drink and is purring up a storm but will require a special diet to keep the nasty stones at bay.

Moonpie's owner is one of the many senior citizens on SSI who need help keeping their pets. Keeping pets and people together is our mission.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County through their Animal Welfare Grant Program with funding made possible by the Martha Leiter and Nancy Streetman Fund I and Robert Parker Fund.

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