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Lost But Now Loved


Snickers was found in January 2022. He did have a chip but it was unregistered. Even afters hours of research and exhausting every avenue we could, his family was never found.

He was fostered by his finder and eventually adopted into their family. Based on the information we could get from the chip, we believe he is about 12 - 13 yrs old. He is blind in one eye and almost blind in the other.

His foster mom brought him to our vet partner, Bayshore Animal Hospital, for care. He suffered from periodontal disease, a heart murmur, eye infection and enteritis (inflammation of the intestines from some type of infection) possible from being loaded with worms.

Today, Snickers lives a happy, healthy life. He will be able to enjoy his senior years in a loving home. He follows his new mom everywhere she goes and doesn't like to leave her side.

We find way too many senior dogs in poor physical health. Our medical program offers help for these pets whether owned or found. Your donations make this happen.


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