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Hit By Car & Left Untreated


Summer’s history is somewhat of a mystery. When we were notified about her being found, it was discovered she had been found almost one month earlier.

We were told she had been hit by a car, yet sadly, the finder never sought medical care for her during the month she had her. We immediately got her into the vet for x-rays and a consultation with Dr. Rose of Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota.

Summer had a severe break in her femur that had started to heal on its own. Dr. Rose had to remove calluses, realign her femur and stabilize it with a plate and screws. Her car was in the thousands. Due to the injury never being cared for prior to Lost Pet Services taking her in, Dr. Rose also had to stretch muscles after the removal of some bone. She had more calcifications that could be seen on the x-ray.

Today, Summer is , happy, healthy and adopted into the home of her foster.

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