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Now a Fat Cat


A large (but rather thin) Maine Coon was found in the parking lot of a Bradenton Walmart. He looked like he had been attacked by another animal with a very swollen mouth.

One of our volunteers offered to foster him, thinking at first he was her missing cat. When he was brought to our vet partner, Bayshore Animal Clinic, it was discovered he had not been attacked but had an abscess and a mouth full of infection.

Bayshore did a dental and he began to thrive. He gained his weight back and was a loving, happy cat. However, no one claimed him but he found a new home with the volunteer's uncle.

He now lives a happy life with a furry sibling. A mouth full of pain makes it hard to be a fat cat. Dentals are a big part of our medical assistance program. They give almost instant relief and pets begin to thrive once more.

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