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Our mission of reuniting lost pets keeps hundreds of strays/lost pets out of the overcrowded shelters and gets them Home Safe.   


Reuniting lost pets saves county funds, it saves owners from paying intake/reclaim fees sometimes over $100 per pet and leaves room in the shelters for those pets that truly need it from cruelty cases and owner surrenders. 


Marmalade's Fund helps us pay for vet care for injured stray pets when owners cannot be found or they cannot afford to pay themselves.


So far during 2017, we have reunited over 1,600 pets with their families.   Our organization reunites 100s of pets every month.  Only about 20% are microchipped. 


The lucky microchipped pets were home safe within hours saving their owners' unneeded stress, worry and money.    Pets that are not chipped and reunited often end up in the overcrowded shelters and never make it home safe.  Sadly, some of the found pets that were not chipped or wearing ID tags were brought to local shelters and never reunited.  Some were adopted. Others may have been euthanized.   


Our goal is to make sure every lost pet makes it home safe.  Your donation will help us continue doing what we do best - reuniting lost pets.    We want all our lost pets to be returned to Home Safe the same day.


With more services such as low-cost or no-cost microchipping clinics and ID tags, these pets would be home safe the same day they go missing.  


$10    This gift will microchip one dog or cat, ensuring they get Home Safe.


$25    This gift will go toward vet care for an injured stray pet.


$50    This gift will microchip five dogs or cats, ensuring they get Home Safe.


$100  This gift helps financially struggling families pay reclaim fees at Animal Services.


$500  This gift will sponsor one low-cost microchip clinic.


$500 - $1000  This gift will help pay for emergency vet care for an injured stray pet. 




We Make HOME SAFE Happen


Rest assured 100% of your donation goes directly to our programs for lost pets.   All our services are free of charge and there is no paid staff.  Our work is all done voluntarily.


Donations are tax deductible and can be made by check, credit card or through your PayPal account.


Checks should be made out to:


Lost Pet Services, Inc.

6905 29th Ave. W

Bradenton, FL 34209

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