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Think LOST, Not Dumped

BUDDY IS SAFE - but this situation could have ended badly. Buddy was found early today left alone in Creekwood Dog Park in Lakewood Ranch.

It appears a good Samaritan found him and had no alternative but to leave him there where he was safely contained knowing someone would find him in the morning. Luckily, he was found there in the morning but it could have ended differently.

The people who found Buddy immediately jumped to the DUMPED mentality. They were going to take him home and find him a new home. Luckily, behind the scenes, Lost Pet Services was frantically working to get to Buddy to get him safe and secure.

Luckily, Tim B., one of our valuable members, was able to get the

finder's contact information and, in the meantime, Buddy's owner posted him as missing. Tim recognized the match and we were able to contact Marissa and get Buddy home safe.

PLEASE remember to think LOST - NOT DUMPED, ABUSED OR STRAY first. Many displaced pets look in bad condition and act scared and may be considered feral. Our first choice should always be THINK LOST and help try to reunite found pets with their families.

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