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Microchips Get Your Pet Home Sooner When They're Lost

The two best ways to keep your pet safe are having them microchipped and keeping their collars on with ID tags.​ But you must remember to update the information.

Microchipping saves millions of pets each year from euthanasia. Microchips can mean the difference between being reunited with a lost pet or not. Microchips aren't GPS or tracking devices. Microchips do not store your personal information.

Our Microchipping Resources page offers all the organizations where you can register, update or report lost pets.

As an added measure, when your pet has a collar with tags, it dramatically increases their chance of being returned home when lost. Simple, right?

Collars can come off. Baths happen. Microchips are the second line of defense. Microchips are like your pet's Social Security number. But, they must be registered and they must be updated. Just stop in to your local vet's office or Petsmart and ask them to check your pet's chip.

If your lost pet is found, a simple scanning device can check your pet and you will be contacted by the chip company -- your pet will be HOME SAFE sooner.

Any vet, police department or Petsmart can scan for a chip. Remember, sometimes it does take multiple scans to find the chip. Animals should be scanned annually to be sure information is up to date and the microchip is working properly. If you need to register your pet's microchip, here is a list of organizations where you can register your pet.

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