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Are You Prepared If Your Pet Goes Missing?

No one plans on losing their pet. Just a few minutes of preparation will save precious time if your pet goes missing. Every minute counts.

Have Good Clear Pictures of Your Pet

Hopefully, you have a good picture of your pet. A good example is the one of Callie showing her face and body.

Next, make a post to our Facebook group -

We will then instruct you to fill in a Lost Pet Report so we can create a free flyer for you. We have found the we get more "shares" with the flyers plus it gives all the important details so no information is lost. We then share your post to Craigslist, Twitter, Pinterest, our website and album. Our volunteers share to, their HOA groups and other lost pet groups.

Be sure your pet's microchip information is up to date. All microchip companies and resources are available on our website under Microchipping Resources. If you don't know if your pet is chipped or if the chip is registered, your vet can check your pet. With the chip number, you can register your pet for free at the Found Animal Registry.

A few minutes of preparation will save valuable time if you have a lost pet.

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