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Giving Tuesday - A Day of Generosity & Giving

Giving Tuesday is a day of charitable giving worldwide. You can #BeTheOne to make a difference in a pet's life.

​Throughout the year Lost Pet Services is faced with medical emergencies for pets in crisis and for routine medical needs when owners are unable to afford these services. Between January 1, 2022, and the beginning of November 2022, Lost Pet Services provided medical financial assistance for over 190 cases for injured or sick pets.

Our services are offered to both owned pets whose owners are in a financial crisis and to strays whose owners were never found. To date, Lost Pet Services has provided over $160,000 in veterinary financial assistance. You can read many of their stories on our Recipients of Giving page.

​Many of the pets requiring emergency medical care were hit by cars while they were running scared while they were lost. Many needed surgery that their owners were unable to afford and would have had to make the heartbreaking decision to either surrender them to the county to receive care or put them to sleep.

Lost Pet Services wants to keep pets and people together. We have a program called the Medical / Pet Assistance Program (Marmalade's Angel Fund) that allows us to do just that.

We hope you can support us this year on Giving Tuesday so we can continue to offer this much-needed program to strays without families and those with families needing our help.

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